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Tips on How to Care for Your Trees in Autumn 

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Tips on How to Care for Your Trees in Autumn 

Trees in your property will start to change their color and leaves will begin to fall off the ground. Even though fall isn’t the best time for tree maintenance however, it won’t hurt you to provide your trees with some tender, loving and care to make sure that they will be in good shape the entire year. As a matter of fact, if you want your trees to stay healthy and beautiful, you should follow these simple and useful tree care tips in autumn: 


  1. Deep water

During the fall months, you must keep the schedule of watering at a minimum. You’ve done enough watering during the spring and summer season that helped them strengthen for the coming winter season. When the trees lose their leaves in the later part of fall, that’s the time that you must deep water both mature and young trees. In addition to that, when doing deep watering, you must also apply water in the outer portion of the canopy of your trees. This is the portion of the tree roots where they absorb water the most. Having said that, keep watering until it is moist. Furthermore, deep watering will ensure that your trees have all the moisture they need to resist the cold weather condition in the winter season. For more watering tips, contact a professional tree maintenance Bellevue service provider. 

  1. Mulch

Once you’re done with deep watering your trees, apply enough mulch around the tree’s base. Don’t overcrowd the trunk since it can only lead to decaying. Basically, the mulch will only serve as insulation as well as keep the soil’s temperature warm. Also, it can be an organic fertilizer because it breaks down eventually and then, packs nutrients into the soil. 

  1. Do Not Prune Too Soon

Most people mindlessly trim or cut down their trees in the fall however, the fact about this is that, autumn is not the ideal period to prune your trees since they are so vulnerable to infection at this point in time because of injury and damage caused by tree pruning.?Aside from that, tree pruning in the early stage of fall can also encourage new growth however, the cold weather can just harm the new buds. Do not do tree pruning until the leaves of your trees have fallen to the ground. If you were not able to prune your trees in the late autumn, you could perform this procedure in the early spring or late winter just before new growths break. 

  1. Wrap Young Tree Trunks

Wrapping your trees are certainly very essential for your young trees. With the use of a plastic, wrap the trunk of your trees to protect it against harmful animals which can devour their barks in the cold weather condition. Always start at the bottom then, insert the prepared plastic into the soil where the trees are standing. You?must wrap your trees from the ground to the trunk while making sure that the layers do not overlap at all.


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